If you want to learn how to make a mini cajon drum, first learn about it, then learn with the instrument Gecko cajon drum.

Originally a wooden box or drawer, the cajon (Spanish: cajon), an instrument made from waste material converted into a wooden instrument;Drum strings or guitar strings are installed in wooden drum to produce resonance and sound similar to jazz drum. Some advanced wooden drum will add strainer, resonance box piston pedal, and other percussion instruments (Tambourine, etc.) to the drum body to increase the variety of timbre.

The instrument, which originated in Africa, has spread all over the world, not only to professional percussionists, but also to many music players in China who enjoy playing box drums.The player sits on the instrument, leans forward a little and raises the cahon at an Angle.Can use the palm percussion drum or finger wheel drum, someone also installed on the pedal, with the foot control percussion.

Cajon bodies made from hardwoods like beech & birch. As mentioned in Part 1, marine ply is commonly used as this is very strong, resistant to splitting & cracking & resonant. Beech & birch are both excellent in their sound properties & durable.

How do you make a cajon beatbox?

Get enough plywood to build your cajon.

Use 1/8 inch plywood for the tapa. The tapa is the striking surface of the instrument, and you'll generally use a piece sized 13 inch by 19 inch for most cajons.

For the other sides of the instrument, use 1/2 inch plywood.

How do you adjust a snare on a Cajon?

Start with the screw in the top left, loosen it a few turns, then loosen the screw in the top right. Then, move on to the top-middle left, and top-middle right screws. When adjusting the sound of the snare on your cajon, only this top set of screws is necessary to adjust.

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