GECKO Musical Instruments professional Gecko cajon drum to bring you to feel the rhythm of the instrument and meaning.

Wooden drum is also called drum, drum box drum, the English name is box drum.The wooden drum with jazz timbre has a large space for improvisation and can be used as accompaniment in various tunes.

Wooden box drums were originally produced in the countries of central and western Africa and were popular in South America in the 17th and 18th centuries.The National Cultural Association of Peru declared it a "national cultural heritage" in 2001.

The wooden drum has five sides and different sounds.The back of the box drum has a round hole through which the sound is made.Some modern box drums are fitted with steel wires (small drum strings or guitar strings) to give them a distinctive sound.A drum box can be fitted with a drum or guitar string to produce a resonant sound similar to a drum box.The significance of hand-painted DIY wooden drum lies in that the colors on DIY graffiti become more personalized and interesting. At the same time, children can get in touch with Musical Instruments and art at the same time.

With the development of music and the revival of art and culture, some amateur musicians began to learn to play wooden drum.The player sits on the instrument and leans forward slightly, lifting the Kahone's body up.

Palm can beat drum or finger wheel, palm can beat drum, also can install pedal, with foot control.Children can also feel the rhythm and meaning of rhythmical instruments during DIY doodling.Focus on branch wood art, learn more interesting handmade DIY wood art life!

I hope you enjoyed the beautiful instrument, the cajon drum.We are the Gecko cajon drum from China, want to know more about the knowledge of the drum, welcome to consult us!